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 The death of surrealism and group/mouvement, individuals

Charp quote:

A group of affinities or ideas? See in the history of surrealism, the discussion about "Néon", and the great disappointment of the young (Alexandrian, Tarnaud, Jouffroy, Rodanski) who prepare the paper in secret, after Breton reacts badly about it. A absolutetly biaised history of it in a book of Pastoureau, "Ma vie surréaliste" He was for a group united around the same ideas, interests, fights. The youngs speak of affinities (and were expelled quite soon for a stupid excuse: creation of a faction)


Rik Lina Group-forming around ideas does not work. Working-together-groups do.

Pierre Charp Again, not my point, too classic, (too parrot?) but legitimate. I've try that. I prefer left behind any idea of group and speak of an temporary adventure. A trip.

Rik Lina O.K. stay in your ivory tower.

Pierre Charp Ah ah, this old one. You're free outside, in a tower spiritually. In a Prison. In the parrot cage? I am physically in a tower, but spiritually, free and in front.

Rik Lina I know you are, otherwise you were not here.



The death of surrealism

Rik Lina: The surrealism which is dead is the surrealism of art-history ( the parrot indeed). The phoenix rebirths in every new generation. 

Pierre Charp This is not my interpretation, but it is a legitimate one.  It's not a question of generation, but of integrity. The phenix hasn't reborn since his death (1950,1966, ??) because nobody have been able to take in charge all the faces of surrealism (even Breton, if we take the approximate date of 1950). The guys of the Bureau doesn't want -most of them- to be in art-history, they're still the parrot. And I do not pretend, naturally, I will make the phenix rise again! It's just amusing to try, or pretend to.

Rik Lina Again,surrealism died only because art-history wanted this. Dead artists sell better - and are more easy to write about.

Pierre Charp By the way, in his book, Pastoureau quotes a letter to him by Breton, pretending he approves him against the young friends of Brauner (Jouffroy, etc.) In fact, when you read the letter, Breton is ambiguous. As usual. The price to save the group, he thinks, I suppose. Big mistake. This letter is may be the death certificate of surrealism

Rik Lina All these fact interests me only as history....what is happening today in surrealist circles is much more interesting.

Pierre Charp What is happening today in parrot circles is history. Parrot history. It was a drama, it is now a farce (sorry Karl)